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Introducing my new Do-It-Yourself clutch fork kit

I now have a smaller CNC made kit cheaper and for worldwide distribution.

Please pop into my shop and have a look!

6 thoughts on “Introducing my new Do-It-Yourself clutch fork kit

  1. Hi Mike, thanks for so many very interesting Videos. But I´m very interesting in a Video where I can see how I can replace the fixed smal window in a backdoor of a LR Defender 110.
    In particular, the removal of the black guide rail between the movable and the fixed glass makes me problems. I do not find the screw connection or the attachment.
    Thanks for a smal answer.
    Greeting from the Black Forrest in Germany

    1. Hi Rainer
      Sorry for the late reply – I hadn’t checked my website comments for a while!
      I do not think i have a Side door in stock, but I will try and do a quick video for you as there is a hidden screw that is hard to find!

  2. Hi only recently come across your video workshop it’s brilliant, especially for people like me with only basic maintenance skills who want to look after their own landrover.
    I have a 1986 landrover 90 with a 300tdi engine fitted and love it. I like to get your advice on 2 anoying problems I have.
    1st. Ive had to change the speedometer cable twice now it keeps breaking inside the sheath!!!
    2nd. The bonnet prop that holds the bonnet up is such a poor design have you ever come across a better designs/mod to improve it?
    Thanks in advance keep up the good work. Alf.

    1. Alfonso
      One of the annoying problems of the speedo cable is the after-market quality is very poor
      Same as the bonnet cables
      Try a genuine part and make sure the routing of the cable is smooth and no tight bends – and do not tie it up too tight
      Also make sure it is not near the exhaust – the heat can dry out any lubricant in the cable.
      Usually cables are not much of an issue themselves (apart from cheap ones)
      As for the bonnet prop, depends what type you have
      The solid bar or the one that hinges in the middle
      Again not usually an issue BUT I have seen the hinged type have a slight bend in them and they will not go over center
      I will try and do a video this week explaining the two types


      1. Thanks mike much appreciated. Ps it looks like Canada here in Brough East Yorkshire at the moment snowing all day. Lol.

        1. Alfonso
          Looks like I will have to do the bonnet prop video later in the week as it was bitter cold last night at about -18C
          I was looking at the snow in the UK and I would dream for it to be like that here!
          We have had snow and ice since mid November – which is why I do so many videos as it is too bad to work outside!

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