Super Duty clutch arm for all 4 cylinder Land Rover Defenders/Discovery /Range Rover


·         2.25 Petrol

·         2.25 Diesel

·         2.5 Petrol

·         2.5 Diesel

·         2.5 DT/TD

·         200Tdi

·         300Tdi


We have been repairing Land Rovers for over 18 years now and the clutch arm is usually the first thing to go if there is a major clutch fault.

Indeed, there are hydraulic issues, but these can be rectified without removing the transmission or engine to access the clutch (which is the method we prefer)

In their infinite wisdom Land Rover made the clutch arm out of pressed steel and with metal to metal contact on the pivot ball – they hoped a spot of Lithium grease would last the life of a clutch, but from all the vehicles we have seen none have any lubrication at all – this probably all forced out within the first few months, then a slow grinding action between the pivot ball and arm starts, making the arm thinner and thinner on the contact point, until the day the metal is so thin that the  pivot ball pops through and then you are stuck – the pedal is to the floor and when you pump it, it can go hard – this is because the slave rod is pushing against the bell housing, but you are now disabled – other than crunching through gears and potential transmission damage, the only option is to pull the clutch apart and replace the arm.

This is not a five minute job!


A typical clutch arm problem – notice the ball is in good order as it is hardened, but there is no lubrication on there at all. As you can imagine this happens without warning!

(thanks to unknown on web for pic)


Just caught in time! See the cracks where the old dry grease is being forced out?

The fix by most of the aftermarket people was to weld a bar on the back to act as reinforcement, but although this works, it increases friction and we have seen these fail too depending on usage


A so called ‘Heavy Duty’ clutch arm – the problem is not solved, only postponed


So we developed our bush system for our own jobs and it has been very successful over the last few years.

We have had excellent feedback and use these in all of our trucks.


The steel bush is CNC machined and they are a press fit in the arm – and we give them 2 x decent tack welds just to be sure!


(Note – shown without spring clip for clarity – this is riveted back in by us prior to packing so it looks original)

Advantages are:-

·         The clutch is way smoother

·         The life is far longer than the clutch itself

·         Replacement nylon cup


In fact, we are so confident we guarantee the arms for 4 years!


We use the best quality arms and modify them with our bush, and supply with:

2 x Slipper pad
1 x Staple

 1 x slave cylinder rod holder

1 x flywheel bush 


So you have all you need in one package!


Fitting is exactly the same as fitting an original clutch arm, but the pivot points and slippers must be adequately lubricated with white Lithium grease as well as the nylon bush. The bush for the crankshaft MUST be soaked in engine oil for 24 hours prior to fitting and care must be taken to ensure the outer edge of the bush has no damage which will lead to difficulty fitting the transmission.


(At this time we cannot ship white Lithium grease in the mail, but this is obtainable at any Motor Store worldwide, quite cheap)


This is a direct replacement part – no modifications are needed

 All this for $58.00 US! (subject to exchange rates)

 eBay Item number: 111288788938

Even if your vehicle does not need one yet, there is a high percentage of certainty it will in the future, so why not buy one and keep it in the car? Any decent workshop can do a clutch job, and clutches themselves can be re lined and refurbished, so even if you are in Timbuktu this would be one vital spare to have – small and light – but will be worth its weight in gold!

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