My Heavy Duty Clutch Fork

Possibly the best clutch modification for the 4 cylinder Land Rover engines?

Fits 1983 onwards (NOT V8 or any Series):-

  • 2.25 Petrol
  • 2.25 Diesel
  • 2.5 Petrol
  • 2.5 Diesel
  • 2.5 DT/TD
  • 200Tdi
  • 300Tdi

This is originally part FTC2957 which was notorious for catastrophic failure leaving you stuck at the side of the road with no warning.


Just caught in time!


Too late!

However, over the last few years we have been working on a clever modification that we are so confident in, we back it with a lifetime warranty!

There are other so called ‘Heavy Duty; release forks on the market comprising of a cheap plate welded over the back of the arm, and although it does make the arm last longer, there is increased friction and thus more fatigue especially when driving in town. And it will go eventually – we have seen it!

As we have an active Land Rover repair shop in Sherbrooke Quebec Canada, we have tested this high quality item and fitted to all our trucks and customers vehicles in the last 4 years and feedback has been outstanding!
Our durable clutch release fork promises to be the best on the market and great value for money and comprises of all the parts you need to do the job right and once and for all.
Parts included in the kit are:-

  • 1 x FTC2957BR Clutch Fork
  • 2 x FRC5255 Slipper Pads
  • 1 x FRC3416 Staple
  • 1 x FRC3327 Clip
  • 1 x 8566L Bush for crankshaft

At only C$74.00 this has to be one of the cheapest, long term solutions to a very frustrating problem.

Made in Quebec, Canada using the best materials available and with the bush CNC machined for accurate results.


Bush welded into place (Spring clip removed for clarity)

Advantages are:-

  • The clutch is far smoother
  • The life of the arm / fork is longer than the clutch itself
  • Less down time of your vehicle
  • Replacement nylon bush

In fact, we are so confident, we guarantee every arm for LIFE!

We have done countless clutch jobs and 80% have been down to the arm failure, and frustrated by this we developed this simple but effective modification to save time and money, but also a smoothness that lasts – we know by fitting brand new parts out of the box is all well and good for the first few months, but the grease between the pivot ball and arm does not last and this is when the wear starts – we insert a nylon bush for long life, which is replaceable in the future.

Because of post restrictions we are not allowed to ship the grease, but white lithium grease recommended by Land Rover is readily available worldwide.

Fitting is exactly the same as fitting an original clutch arm, but the pivot points and slippers must be adequately lubricated as well as the nylon bush. The bush for the crankshaft MUST be soaked in engine oil for 24 hours prior to fitting and care must be taken to ensure the outer edge of the bush has no damage which will lead to difficulty fitting the transmission.

Failure to lubricate correctly will invalidate any warranty!

This is a direct replacement part – no modifications are needed

Please make sure the clutch release bearing is in good condition and this is lubricated well with lithium grease in the inside where it slides on the support tube.

We know most garages can replace this part when doing a clutch job, but they always fit the cheaper ‘Heavy Duty’ parts or, just the standard ones if they are not familiar there is a better option.

Our kit is small enough to carry about in your glove box, cubby box or battery box – just in case!
Ideal to carry on long trips or expeditions.

Fit to fleet/NGO vehicles for longer service life and these will take a lot more abuse than standard items, so another worry off your minds!

This arm is highly recommended for heavy duty clutches with more clamping pressure, such as fitted to the International HS2.8.


Parts shipped in a tough, plastic, bubble padded envelope for security

We ship WORLDWIDE at very competitive rates – FAST!

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