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Welcome to my updated website!

This new site will be filling up with a lot of info during the next few weeks – please keep popping by and see what is new

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my updated website!

  1. Placed an order on 22 November 2019 but haven’t received it yet. I’ve tried numerous times to communicate with Mike requesting shipping and tracking details for my order. He has not responded once.

  2. William,

    I just saw on my website you sent a note to say you had not received your order

    I have not received any email to my business address – maybe it went in to my spam folder as you have dot-com in your address?

    Anyway, I did post the package the following day, I have a copy of the shipping label that I used, however I have had an issue in the past with sending goods to South Africa, with goods getting returned.

    The shipment method chosen was Small Package Air which is the cheapest and does not have insurance or a tracking number, but 99.9% of the time does get delivered

    All I can think of is it is stuck in customs

    Sorry about this. but if it does not get there in a couple of weeks then get back to me

    I cannot send the copy of the shipping label as my regular email rejects your address – can you send me a working address?

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