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Subscriptions and donations – exciting news!

Over the last few months, I have been trying to find a better alternative to Patreon for monthly subscriptions.

So I have used PayPal as a processor and I am now in control of subscriptions and donations

This means I can control the amount that you donate, so subscriptions start at only $5.00 US or £4.00 a month

There are no taxes, no hidden fees, no politics, and no 3rd party marketing

Subscription rates are selectable from the drop down menu and you do not need a PayPal account!

If you wish to make a one off donation, that is catered for too!

And remember,  regular subscribers are free to contact me with their questions!

Simply click the link below!



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New arrivals for April 2020

Projects I have been working on over winter are now ready!

Sadly with the current situation, items may be limited as suppliers are closed

Here is a video explanation of things I have

Proceeds go to keep the channel going

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The stickers are here at last!

Fridge magnet

I had a bit of a learning curve to price up individual stickers, as 99% go overseas.

As the commercial software I use gets a price automatically generated by Canada Post, this then gets classed as ‘commercial goods’ and therefore needs a customs declaration – which pushed up the price.

So I increased the price of the individual stickers and fridge magnets by C$3.00 to cover the cost of an overseas stamp, and set the shop to free shipping – hope this works!

Sticker packs remain the same price as they go over a set weight